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New driveways in Petersfield

Investing in a new driveway is a significant decision that can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. Choosing a local professional, like Peter Beasley, for your driveway project in Petersfield guarantees a high-quality, long-lasting result tailored specifically to your needs.

Peter Beasley is a seasoned professional with a stellar reputation in Petersfield. His extensive experience and local knowledge ensure that he knows the area's specific requirements, and he can provide expert advice on the best materials and design solutions for your driveway. One of the main advantages of choosing a local professional such as Peter Beasley is the personalized service you'll receive. With his dedicated and meticulous approach, Peter will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life. This level of personalization ensures that your new driveway will not only serve its practical purpose but also reflect your style.

Another crucial factor is Peter's commitment to using high-quality materials. The durability and longevity of your driveway depend significantly on the quality of materials used. Peter Beasley insists on using only the best, ensuring your driveway will withstand the test of time and weather conditions.

Furthermore, choosing local professionals like Peter Beasley for New driveways in Petersfield also supports the local economy. By investing in their services, you're contributing to the growth of local businesses and fostering a vibrant economic environment in Petersfield. Conclusively, hiring a local professional such as Peter Beasley for your new driveway project in Petersfield provides a myriad of benefits. With personalized service, expert advice, and a commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your project will be executed to the highest standards.

How To Take Care Of Block Paving

Getting block paving installed is a great option for your driveway, but over time you may notice the odd oil stain or patch of moss appearing. Although this is normal, you may find as time goes by it starts to look untidy and in need of a good makeover. Luckily block paving is simple to clean and can be tidied, along with adding a new layer of sealant. This can help to ward away further stains, keeping your driveway looking restored. By giving block paving a quick clean regularly, any build up can be kept away and marks can be washed away before they turn into stains. Weeding the gaps in between the blocks will keep your driveway looking tidier, but take care not to scratch them! Doing this often, as well as a regular clean, will keep your block paving maintained properly, ensuring it looks visually pleasing and will last a long time.

Block paving is a popular choice for driveways, pathways and patios due to its durability and attractive appearance. However, in order to keep your block paving looking as good as new, regular maintenance is essential. This includes cleaning the surface regularly with a pressure washer or detergent solution, removing weeds from between blocks and checking the sand levels in joints. In this article we will look at all of these aspects of block paving care in more detail.

Cleaning your block paving should be done on a regular basis to help prevent dirt build up which can make it slippery when wet and also attract moss growth. Pressure washing is an effective way of cleaning large areas quickly but if you don’t have access to one then using a detergent solution with hot water can also do the job nicely. Once you have cleaned the area ensure that any remaining debris such as leaves are removed before allowing it time to dry thoroughly before adding fresh sand into the joints if necessary. Weed control should also be carried out periodically by hand-pulling or spraying with weed killer – whichever method you choose make sure it won't damage existing plants nearby. Call us for all your Block paving in Bordon and Petersfield.

Winter Care For Your Driveway in Petersfield

One thing you should do during the cold months, is to keep your driveway protected. The first thing to do is repair any cracking that might appear. Cracks and potholes should be filled in and fixed, particularly as this can also damage the car tyres if driven over. The surface of a driveway should be secured with a sealer. If you have a concrete driveway, this might need to be done every two years. Sealing the surface will help to provide protection against the elements, such as snow and ice. This should be a priority, particularly if it’s been left for a long time. If you want to lay down something to absorb the ice, it is best to avoid salt. Rock salt can melt it quickly, but it can also damage your driveway. Salt mixed with wet snow can corrode the surface, particularly a concrete driveway. To keep the lifespan of your driveway the best it can be, avoiding salt is your best option. Sand can be used to create friction and stop the surface being as slippery.

If lots of snow is left on your Driveway in Petersfield, built up on the surface, it can cause damage as it melts into any existing cracks, that will then expand once the water refreezes again. Getting rid of the snow once it’s landed will limit the chance of this happening. Preparing for the snow is important, so having the right tools is a priority. Make sure you have a broom at hand to clear away the snow, as well as sand and a shovel (plastic, as metal can damage the surface). Getting rid of the debris from both the surface and the drains and gutters will keep drainage working well and keep things running smoothly.

Preparing Your Driveway for New Tarmac.

If you’re looking to add a new layer of tarmac to your driveway, the first step is preparing the surface. While it may seem like a daunting task, preparing the driveway for new tarmac doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need are the right tools, materials and instructions and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Let’s break down what needs to be done in order to prepare your driveway for new tarmac. Blog Body: Remove Existing Tarmac If you already have an existing layer of tarmac on your driveway, the first step is to remove it. You can do this with a shovel or by renting a jackhammer from your local home improvement store. Be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves when removing existing material as there could be sharp objects hidden beneath the surface. Once all of the old material has been removed, use a metal rake to level out any bumps or irregularities in the surface of your driveway.

Repair Any Damage Once all of the old material has been removed from your driveway and any bumps or irregularities have been levelled out, it’s time to repair any damage that may exist beneath the surface. This could include cracks in asphalt or holes caused by tree roots or other external factors. To fill these spaces, use an asphalt patching compound and apply it liberally over any damaged areas before levelling it with a flat-edge spade or rake. You should also add gravel around the edges of your driveway if needed in order to create a better foundation for laying down fresh tarmac. Add Layers of Base Material Once all necessary repairs have been made and gravel has been added around the edges of your driveway, it’s time to add layers of base material prior to laying down fresh tarmac. These layers should consist primarily of crushed stone aggregate and should be levelled accordingly before being compacted with either a hand tamper or roller compactor. Be sure that each layer is firmly packed down before adding another one on top; otherwise, they may shift during installation which could result in an uneven finished product and potentially cause issues over time.

Preparing your driveway for new tarmac can seem like an intimidating task but with just a few simple steps—removing existing material, repairing any damage, adding layers of base material—it doesn't have to be complicated! By following these instructions carefully and using quality tools and materials, you can ensure that your new tarmac will look great for years to come! With proper preparation now comes long-term satisfaction later, call Peter Beasley Landscaping to prepare prior to your new Driveway in Lindford.

The Advantages Of A New Driveway!

When you’re thinking about your property, you may consider getting a new driveway installed. This could be because you have more than one car and you need the extra space. Having space to keep your car in can put your mind at rest, knowing you don’t have to drive around after a busy day looking for a parking space. It means your car will be in a safe spot next to your home, with easier movement for bags of shopping and car seats. The safety of your family will be a priority, as living next to a road can be risky when you have children. Trying to get them into the car without having to worry about other cars is an advantage, as you won’t need to worry about doors opening into traffic. Your family will be safe in the car and you won’t have any damage from drivers. The likelihood of your car being stolen and damaged is decreased, which will be beneficial to your car insurance.

A driveway can help to boost the value of your property, making it easier to sell. Aesthetically a driveway can look great as well as be practical, we offer a free visit and quotation service for all Driveways in Alton.

How Beneficial Are Stone Walls?

Having a wall put up around your garden can be beneficial in several ways. If you decide to have stone as the building material, this can give your garden a visually interesting quality, whilst retaining privacy. Having stone walls can be used either as free-standing or retaining. A retaining wall can be used artfully, protecting plants and soil, whilst giving your landscaping choice a visually pleasing look, teaming it with lots of greenery and beautiful flowers that can reach the sunlight. Retaining walls can be used to help with irrigation, meaning water can be directed and therefore reducing the chance of erosion. Soil won't be pushed downhill, therefore ruining your garden with mulch and pools of water. The water will be absorbed by roots instead, nourishing your plants.

If you opt for a free-standing stone wall around your garden, you will get more privacy. It also means you have more safety, which is ideal if you have a family or pets. As well as this practical reason, stone walls can be an interesting and aesthetic addition. If you decide to add your own ideas, such as flowers growing within them, it can give your garden an overall elegant and sophisticated feel. Call today for a new patio quote in Headley.

The Knack Of Tarmac!

Tarmac is a strong, financially friendly material that is faster to fit in comparison to other driveways. This material is fast to dry, meaning it is time efficient. Due to it being resistant to the elements, it can protect against stormy weather such as ice and hail. Tarmac has high quality durability, which can withstand big vehicles, as well as being skid resistant.

Environmentally, tarmac can be recycled. Due to being a reusable material, it is eco-friendly and won’t be wasted. You won’t have to worry about the material running either which limits the chance of mess and clean-up time. Tarmac also has low maintenance and an average longevity of up to 15 years before any work is needed. If you’re not sure what to expect or what material to use, you should get the advice of a professional. They will be able to discuss with you what the best material is for your driveway and the benefits they bring. We are experienced in supplying Tarmac for Driveways in Petersfield and Alton, so why not call for a free quotation.

Modern Patio Trends

Did you know that you can get many varieties of patio designs? For instance, you may think floor tiles are for the inside, but you can use exterior patterned porcelain tiles as they can survive outside.. Due to being ‘frost-proof’ and not taking in water, they shouldn’t crack. Maintenance wise they are low, so with a little care they will still look great. You could also use these tiles to spruce up parts of the garden rather than stone paving. Just make sure you choose tiles meant for the outside.

If you want something sophisticated, you could have sliding doors fitted so it is easy to create an open space between your home and garden. You could have chairs and a table, so even if you’re in the kitchen you can still chat to those outside! You could even pair the material of the interior with the exterior, so it feels like an extension! You could add flower beds around the patio for a nice addition of colour, as well as giving the patio a lick of paint to brighten it up, especially if you have your own accessories and decorations. A canopy is also a good option for the days when you want to sit outside, but it may be a bit cloudy and drizzly! It is also good for shielding you from the sun on days it’s too warm. You also have the option of boosting the ambience with LED lights in different colours, to really make your style stand out. If you are thinking about a new Patio in Headley, call us for a free visit and quotation.

The Benefits Of Having A Fence

If you've decided to get a new fence fitted, then thinking of the benefits is a good idea before you make any purchases. No matter what the material, be it metal or wood, it is best to do the research.

One beneficial factor of a fence, is the privacy you will get. You probably don't like the thought of neighbours being able to see in to your garden so easily when you're trying to relax. By having a tall fence fitted you will get the privacy you want. However fences also give safety, as any pets or children will be safe and unable to run off. Other animals won't be able to sneak in, but importantly trespassers will be deterred from entering your property.

If you are concerned about noise pollution then having a very tall fence, such as an 8 foot one fitted, will help lower the volume of traffic. Panels can take decibels off, which is particularly effective if you live next to somewhere like a train station. Visually, by having a smart, well installed fence, it can give your garden a real boost. For example, having a picket fence is an aesthetically pleasing sort to get, particularly with flowers surrounding it. Sometimes adding a neat fence is enough to potentially raise the value of your property. So overall, investing in a fence will not only give you some added security, it will also give you the privacy and aesthetic aspect you require. For information about fencing adjoining your patio in Headley, give us a call today.

Taking Care Of Your Driveway

Looking after your driveway is important, as several problems can develop if it’s ignored. For example, if it isn’t sealed yearly with concrete, then it can develop cracks. Any water on the driveway can freeze and then crack, which can affect the driveway. Tree roots can come up from under the driveway, causing damage from cracking. By removing trees and roots that are around the area you can prevent this.

If you aim to have clear edges, this can lower the chances of water building up on the driveway, as any snow or water can run away from the driveway. This will decrease the chance of the elements damaging the driveway and getting through. Try not to use chemical de-icers that may be rough, as well as salt cement, as cracks can form this way. By using a shovel or a home-made grit, such as sand or coffee, it will be a gentler method to use on the driveway.

You could also consider using non-clumping cat litter, which aims to help soak up any liquids such as radiator fluid or oil. Ageing stains can be scrubbed away with a detergent and brush but be aware of what you use, as a wired brush can actually damage the driveway. For a free quotation on a New driveway in Petersfield call Peter Beasley today.

Looking After Your Lawn During the Summer

As it is now getting hotter, we need to ensure we look after our gardens and lawns. You may think this means watering it with the hose, but this could actually damage the lawn more than you think. You need to be able to take care of the delicate conditions during heat waves.

For instance, when should you mow your lawn? You shouldn’t do it when it’s very hot as the lawn will be recovering from water loss and high temperatures drying it out. You should mow it when it is a lot cooler, such as after it has lightly rained. However, don’t mow if the ground is saturated or icy as it can cause damage. Try not to mow the grass too often during the summer as it can make the lawn more likely to get weeds and have water loss, due to the lack of water in the soil.

During the hot months, your lawn will be under stress, so try not to run and walk on the grass constantly. It needs to ‘breathe’ so make sure you remove any appliances, toys or furniture as soon as you’re done.

If your lawn starts to go brown, don’t panic. When the cooler months start again they should recover and go back to green. Make sure you don’t put grass treatment on it during the summer as it can actually cause escalating growth, which means it won’t manage from the loss of water. Call us for landscaping and patios in Liphook and Petersfield.

The Advantages Of Block Paving

If you are a fan of the more aesthetically pleasing driveway and patios, then choosing the right material will help to create the look you want. Block paving, which uses clay and concrete material, is a popular choice due to being able to have your own personal spin on it.

Block paving uses a versatile material which comes in many colours. Using this type of paving means it can be created with your own design in mind. As well as look good, it is also more friendly to the environment, due to it taking in rainwater, preventing it from building up on the ground.

Block paving does not need as much maintenance due to the type of material. It is also tough, resistant towards bad weather, various chemicals, frost or salt. This means it can last a long time, not suffering from deterioration. So you can drive over it a lot and not have to worry about damaging it!

As block paving looks appealing to the eye, it can boost the overall look of your home, whether you want a simple look or a more artistic approach. This can therefore add value to the property, as it will catch any potential buyers eye. Call Peter Beasley today for all your Block Paving in Petersfield and Lindford.

Soft VS Hard Landscaping

In landscaping, the large supporting materials such as stone and rock are important as the pieces that create the hardscape. These are integral to the overall look and aesthetics of the garden.

Sadly a lot of people don’t realise that hardscaping should be thought of first before beginning other work, as it is considered the ‘skeleton’ of the design plans, and helps provide a blank canvas to build on. Hardscaping can also be the solution to some jobs like water diversion, creating space, preventing deterioration and raising house value.

On the other hand, soft landscaping is where there are living materials, such as trees, plants, compost, and grass. Some people get anxious here as they’re not sure what they want for their landscape. This is where an expert can advise, and help to envision and portray what they want as a choice.

Both types of landscaping are necessary, as one without the other can make it seem unfinished, so it’s always best to consider using a good balance of both soft and hardscaping when transforming your garden. For more information on Landscaping and Block paving in Lindford, call today.

Royal Bath and West Show
The winner of the People’s Choice Award at the recent Royal Bath and West show went to a ‘Pop up Garden”, which had a theme of Recyclying, featuring chairs and planters made from , flower planters, wooden pallets made from plastic bottles and tyres, and a wall made from glass bottles. The whole garden was constructed prior to the show by a team of idverde apprentices who are studying for the Level 2 Landscaping qualification through the Iverdale Performance Campus, with support from their training partner Element Skills Training.

The team was delighted to learn that in addition to winning a Gold Medal, the garden was also voted the winner of the People’s Choice Award for best Pop Up Garden at the show, having received many positive comments from visitors.

Don’t park on my drive!
If you arrived home one day to find a stranger’s car parked on your drive, your immediate instinct may be to call the police and have the car removed.

However, due to a grey area in criminal and civil law, it is technically not illegal to park on someone else’s driveway. Meaning as the driveway owner, you have no legal right to remove the nuisance car.

Several instances of this happening in the UK have shined a light on the lack of jurisdiction the police and local councils have over this activity – neither have the power to remove the car.

There are currently no plans to remove the loophole in the UK, plans are in place to fix the loophole in Jersey.

For a driveway that strangers would be happy to park on, contact Peter Beasley in Four Marks today.

Make an impact with block paving
Investing in a new driveway or patio can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home and will add value too. Choosing the right type of finish and style can be difficult as there are so many options to choose from. Block paving is a popular choice as it is suitable for most properties and there are many colour ways and patterns to choose to reflect your style.

Arranging a free no obligation quotation from a local hard landscaping specialist is a good place to start as they will be able to give you the benefit of their experience on block paving in Borden.

How to use your Patio in 2018

- Patios can be useful in the plight of growing your own fruit and veg. In gardens with limited space, patios are ideal spaces to grow tomatoes, salad leaves, herbs and more, costing you a fraction of supermarket prices to grow them.

- Patio furniture over recent years has improved in quality, making the patio and outdoor extension of your living space, why not try out weather resistant materials like wicker, outdoor rugs and ergonomic designs.

- Green and grey are the colours of the season for patio decoration. Try grey sofas and chairs contrasted with bright green foliage and potted plants to break up grey dominated spaces.

- Outdoor kitchens are becoming a statement piece, a trend adopted from the US. Grills are a popular and less expensive option for outdoor cooking, the trend of cooking restaurant quality, healthy dishes from your patio is one that seems to be sticking.

For a free estimate for a Patio in Alton, contact Peter Beasley today.

Block Paving Trends 2018
Block paving trends subtly change from year to year. 2018s trend for the UK is set to stick to natural, curving styles with contrasting stones bordering one another.

For garden paths and feature areas, smooth neutral toned pavers in flowing patterns are in trend. Border this with a more textured, rougher or bolder coloured but still neutral stone and your path will become the feature of your garden, no matter the size.

International trends are a little different this year with Spain presenting new ideas such as a crazy 3D effect using strategically placed grey pavers.

To embrace the paving trends in your garden or driveway, get in touch with Peter Beasley today.

Patio Restoration
Natural stone patios can be a gorgeous and long-lasting addition to a home, but what happens when your traditional stone patio is lost under a layer of dust dirt and barbeque spills?

Cleaning your patio shouldn’t be a regular task but over time dirt does build up and a clean may be required. Start with simple cleaning techniques like sweeping away surface dust and washing wish water. Once this is complete, deeper set stains may be revealed; smoke stains, dripped grease, marks from rough use. You can remove those grease stains with a simple liquid detergent or dich soap and a scrub brush.

Biological stains such as moss and mildew can be removed with a mix of ½ a cup of household bleach with 1 gallon of water. Always remember to rinse your patio after cleaning to remove any bleach residue.

Love the look of traditional patios? Contact Peter Beasley Landscaping to get a free estimate.

Tarmac driveways in Alton
Commissioning a new driveway or patio can add value to your property and should improve its appearance. Now Marshalls have created a phone app that will show you how your new drive could look! Used in conjunction with your local landscaping specialist it is an ideal tool to help you visualise your driveway in different materials.

With such a wide range of materials available now, from resin, tarmac, block paving and stone choosing the right one can be difficult. Speak to your local professional landscaping business who will be happy to advise and quote for your project. Call Peter Beasley for a quote on a new Driveway in Alton or Lindford.

Those of us lucky to have an outside space to enjoy spend as much as 7 1/2 hours a week during the summer months either working or socialising with friends and family.

More and more people are seeing their gardens as extensions of their home and have grand ideas to provide facilities for seating, barbequing and entertaining. Employing a professional to help and design your garden and driveways in Bordon, not only will make the best use of your budget but will give you the benefit of their experience and design skills.

Any type of hard landscaping takes time and investment, finding the right company to undertake the work can be risky but using a Checkatrade registered company can reduce the risk of poor workmanship.

Getting that patio ready for Spring
Spring is the time of year when the weather improves, days get longer and the plants start to grow and we get inspired to get outside and think about the garden or patio. It’s also a time when we have the most bank holidays, with long weekends enabling the more adventurous among us to consider some DIY and patio laying.

This doesn’t always go according to plan with many projects started, but never finished, sometimes cut short by a visit to the local A & E department. A much better idea is to call in your local paving expert who can build you a Patio in Bordon while you are at work so that you have the bank holidays to relax and enjoy your new outside space with friends and family.

Open spaces
The effects of open space on how we feel is undisputed, however what one person finds appealing and inspiring can be the direct opposite for someone else. Many will try to create a natural look with lots of plants and shrubs while others will be inspired by a minimalist effect, with perhaps more hard landscaping and just a few shrubs or trees as features. Low maintenance is often high on the list of priorities. With so many demands on our time a place to relax and unwind is becoming increasingly important.

Perception has changed in recent years with modern gardens and patios considered to be an extension of the house, and almost treated like an extra room, albeit outdoors. Barbeques and outdoor entertaining are extremely popular so taking advantage of the new techniques for lighting and even heating mean you can party well into the night in comfort, even in the UK! With every conceivable style of dining tables and chairs on offer there are endless options available to create your perfect space. For more information on how we can help design a new Patio in Four Marks or Liphook, call us Peter Beasley Landscaping today on 01420 477 888 .

Reinforced Parking areas
With an eye on the environmental impact of car parking areas and driveways a new product has been developed which allows you the option to create a driveway or car cark that is covered with grass rather than solid concrete or tarmac.

There are currently two options available, one for light use, such as secondary parking on driveways or one for heavy duty parking. The aim is to reduce the flooding risk caused by water run-off from traditional drives and car parks. If you require Block Paving in Alton or a quotation for a driveway in Lindford . Please call Peter Beasley on 01420 477 888.

Call the experts
Every year Accident and Emergency departments fill with patients who have injured themselves whilst undertaking some form of DIY. Statistically men are more prone to injury than women. A staggering 200,000 people injure themselves due to some DIY related activity. Ladders and stepladders account for over 41,000 incidents, some resulting in long term injuries or even death. Over 21,000 injuries are directly linked to paving or concrete blocks with grinding equipment adding another 6,400 to the list. If you wish to get the help of a professional company to lay your Block Paving in Lindford , then call Peter Beasley Landscapes.

In one of the more expensive DIY predicaments, David Brown, 40, from Cambridgeshire, was reported to have been charged over £25,000 by British Telecom after slicing through an underground cable while building a garden fence.

Chiropractors and Osteopaths are kept busy with the number of back injuries caused by heavy lifting and repetitive movements during the laying of patios, drives and pathways.

So the moral to the story is, look after yourself and call in an expert with the right training and equipment to tackle your new Driveway in Alton .

Little Lion Gardens Utilises GRP Paving Solution
The Little Lion Gardens situated in West Yorkshire has been through a lengthy four-year transformation from old decrepit farmhouse and field to beautiful wildlife haven. Robert Furness, current owner of the gardens, recently decided a solution was needed for their parking area due to the larger numbers of visitors frequenting the gardens.

Over the last four years the Little Lion Gardens has seen progressive development at a steady pace. Beginning with the nurturing of bushes, trees and flowers, wildlife then gradually began to flourish too. Further down the line, a variety of different plants were added to the garden in addition to animals. Many can now enjoy seeing ducks, sheep, geese, pigs and even quails during their visit.

The company Green-tech was chosen to examine the environment and find a practical answer to reinforce the parking area of the garden. As a result of the investigation GRB Plus was chosen as the most suitable solution whilst remaining simple to install. Additionally, this solution may also be appropriate for patios in Liphook in many upcoming projects.

Ian Rotherham, Director of Sales at Green-tech stated: “Our product GRB Plus has proved itself over time to be a solid solution for protecting ground areas, keeping the area safe and stable. It has been employed in numerous larger projects with great success. The key features include the excellent drainage, hardwearing nature and superior protection it provides”

The area which features GRB Plus is the main entrance of the gardens, consisting of approximately 250m squared. It provides the essential drainage for the car park, remaining strong enough to support all kinds of vehicles that may be visiting. White gravel was selected as a finish for the Little Lion Gardens as it was the most aesthetically pleasing for the environment. For Driveways in Four Marks or other areas a number of alternative finishes are available to choose from.

Bam Construction wins School Contract
A project to construct two new buildings and refurbish several others on the existing site of The Park Community School has just been granted to Bam Construction by Hampshire County Council. The project is the first to be allocated through the new ‘Improvement and Efficiency South East framework’, and Bam construction won the contract against 7 other contractors selected last summer to join the framework, which could be worth up to £4.5 billion over the next four years. Depending on final planning approval, Bam Construction expects the work to be completed in less than two years. For more information on Landscaping in Hampshire , call Peter Beasley.

New £500million Motorway improvement for M8.
A new Raith Interchange is part of a new M8 Motorway improvement scheme running to £500 million in total, meaning that advance works can now begin, ahead of formal contract signing, which is expected next month. The project will complement the motorway network between Glasgow and Edinburgh by including a new M8 between Baillieston and Newhouse. It also includes work to improve the Raith Interchange and widening key sections of the M8, M73 and M74. The contract, which has a value of £500m and includes operation and maintenance of the project roads over 30 years, will be the first roads infrastructure scheme and the largest contract to be awarded as part of the Scottish government’s £2.5bn non-profit distributing (NPD) model.

Building Regulations
Local planning departments now say a new driveway or patio area does not require building regulations approval, however, you will need to make sure that any changes undertaken do not make access to the property less satisfactory than it was before. Therefore changing levels to introduce steps where there were none before would be a contravention of the regulations. Elsewhere around your house there are not any restrictions on the amount of land which you can cover with hard surfaces or patios at ground level. However, significant amounts of terracing to support a hard surface might need a planning application and if your property is a listed building, you will need listed building consent for any significant works whether internal or external.

You're planning a smart new patio and have thought about using natural stone rather than imitation concrete paving, even though you know it will probably cost more, it will weather better and will last for longer. Have you thought about it from an ethical point of view?, well it will depends on where the paving stones come from, how they were sourced and how they were delivered to you. Indian sandstone is one of the cheapest on the market however it is likely it has been quarried by children as young as ten and those children, who can make up as much as a quarter of workers, wield sledge hammers and operate jack hammers without any shoes, or protective clothing. For a totally ethical and professional Patio in Bordon , call Peter Beasley.